Saturday, February 19, 2011

Afternoon Classes at MHOLC

Thanks to the strong support from all the parents! Almost all classes of MHOLC for 2011 are now full, but enquiries are still coming in.

MHOLC adheres to its small-class principle and therefore our only option is to open afternoon session to accomodate the increasing needs.

Afternoon session will be from 1:30pm till 5:00pm. For each age group, 5 students will be the minimum number to open an afternoon class.

For details, kindly call 012-304 3950.


Health Talk: "H1N1 - Facts and Myths"

On 29th January, 2011 at 9am, by MHOLC's invitation Dr. Hamshima Onn from Tropicana Medical Centre delivered her talk on the said topic at our school.

The purpose was to allow children as well as parents to have the right knowledge about Influenza-A and H1N1, so as to avoid it and deal with it the right way.

In short, Influenza-A and H1N1 are still among us, however can be effectively remedied by medicine such as Tamiflu. Unless complications related to lung infection, asthma, heart problems, etc. occured, patients can recover within 24 hours.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Hamshima demonstrated the right ways in hands cleaning to children, and door gifts from TMC was distributed. All recon it was a good community service program.

2010 Annual Concert & Graduation Ceremony

The wonderful 2010 Concert and Graduation Ceremony on 30th October was a great event.

We were pleased by the feedback from the audience that the theme "My Earth My Love" was well chosen and excellently presented by the children. Besides showing their performing talents, we believe that the children's appeal was clearly heard: We deserve a better tomorrow! Please leave us a livable environment!

Saying goodbye to our graduates was never easy, though we know that we should be more than delighted to see them stretching wings for a new horizon. Soar higher and higher, boys and girls, our heart will always be with you...