Monday, December 21, 2009

Mandarin Enrichment Class 华小华文加强班

In response to parents’ request, from January 2010 Montessori House of Little Capers (MHOLC) will be conducting optional Mandarin Enrichment Classes for 6 years old students intending to join Chinese Primary School upon graduating from MHOLC.

Students can choose from one of the two classes, namely Class A (3 sessions per week) and Class B (2 sessions per week) according to their needs. All classes will be conducted in the afternoon.

The classes simulate the environment of a Chinese Primary School, by conducting 3 core subjects (Mandarin Language, Mathematics and Science) in pure Mandarin. The purpose is to remove the language barrier so that students can adapt to the Chinese School environment easier.

The classes will be conducted by Teacher Christy, one of the senior teachers of MHOLC, and an experienced tutor for Chinese School students.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fairytale Fun Craft Workshop

From 01 to 03 December 2009, a Fairytale Fun Craft Workshop was conducted in Montessori House of Little Capers (MHOLC) for children between 4 and 6 years old, as part of our school holiday programs.

Coached by Teacher Michelle, an extremely experienced and creative art tutor, this exciting and fun-filled workshop guided children step-by-step to make three fabulous crafts: Fantasy Castle, Glittery Crown Picture Frame, and Wooden Spoon Princess Puppet.
Throughout the creative process, children listen to and participate in the role play of the fairytale, while putting in effort to create the crafts of their dream! These crafts they created and brought home sure have become one of their most fascinating learning experiences!

Teachers Refreshing Training

At Montessori House of Little Capers (MHOLC), the year-end Refreshing Training is compulsory for all teachers. The purpose of the training is to perfect the teaching skills especially in the area of applying Montessori Apparatuses.

This year, the training was scheduled between 16 to 19 November, from 9am to 5pm daily.

Teachers were trained in groups according to the class level they will be teaching in the next school year. All teachers will take turn to present relevant sets of apparatus in the presence of the Principal and other teachers. Discrepancy / imperfectness in the presentation will be marked, discussed and rectified.

All graduates from Montessori courses recognized that due to constraint in the lecture time, they have limited access to apparatus during their study. Upon joining MHOLC, majority of the apparatuses are “close encounter of the first time” to them. While amazed by the completeness of apparatuses in MHOLC, teachers highly appreciate the opportunities offered by the school in enriching their exposure to the teaching tools and perfecting their teaching skills.

Upon completion of the training, a Certificate of Achievement was awarded to teachers who display mature skills in presenting /applying the respective apparatuses.


Friday, December 11, 2009

MHOLC is Open for Registration Again!

As new school year 2010 is approaching, MHOLC is busying at answering enquiries and arranging guided tours to our school.

While half of the enquiries come through this website, parents’ enthusiastic recommendation constitutes the other half. Thank you, dear parents! Your strong support has ensured our school staying as an ever-improving learning environment.

Since there are only limited places left in most of the classes, new parents are hereby reminded to enroll early to avoid disappointment.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

It has been reported that Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease is here again, and Rotavirus Gastroenteritis cases are also on the rise.

Since the diseases are both contagiouos, and young children can be easily infected, parents are reminded to be more alert and seek medical assistance as soon as possible should the signs and symptoms of these diseases are observed.

Please refer to the following sites which provides good information about these diseases:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field Trip To Bomba TTDI

In many ways, Bomba represents a place where heroes reside. Be it fires or other disasters, whenever lives and properties are in danger, firemen from Bomba will be there for rescues. These are the real-life superheroes children adore.

On 24th of April 2009, Montessori House of Little Capers organized a field trip to Balai Bomba TTDI, for our children to meet their heroes, at zero distance!

The program was extremely exciting and fun-filled. After a video show of home safety, children were shown around and brought into the fire engine to explore the various functions of the magical vehicle; they took turn to hands-on experiment the use of the fire fighting hose; a fire was put up and teachers as the demonstrators were directed by the Bomba crews to put it off using the fire extinguisher. In addition to the excitement of dressing up the fire fighter gears, the children even witnessed a python arresting show!

To express our sincere appreciation to the crews for their most generous hospitality, a beautifully decorated fruit hamper was presented to the Balai by our Principal Mrs Zora Tham. Thank you heroes, for making this the most educational and memorable field trip of all!