Saturday, December 19, 2009

Teachers Refreshing Training

At Montessori House of Little Capers (MHOLC), the year-end Refreshing Training is compulsory for all teachers. The purpose of the training is to perfect the teaching skills especially in the area of applying Montessori Apparatuses.

This year, the training was scheduled between 16 to 19 November, from 9am to 5pm daily.

Teachers were trained in groups according to the class level they will be teaching in the next school year. All teachers will take turn to present relevant sets of apparatus in the presence of the Principal and other teachers. Discrepancy / imperfectness in the presentation will be marked, discussed and rectified.

All graduates from Montessori courses recognized that due to constraint in the lecture time, they have limited access to apparatus during their study. Upon joining MHOLC, majority of the apparatuses are “close encounter of the first time” to them. While amazed by the completeness of apparatuses in MHOLC, teachers highly appreciate the opportunities offered by the school in enriching their exposure to the teaching tools and perfecting their teaching skills.

Upon completion of the training, a Certificate of Achievement was awarded to teachers who display mature skills in presenting /applying the respective apparatuses.


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