Sunday, January 10, 2010

Montessori Apparatus Introductory Workshop

Despite the popularity of Montessori Method across the country, it is in fact not easy to find a school in Malaysia equipped with complete sets of Montessori Apparatus. Not even Institutes that are producing Montessori teachers.

It is thus not surprising that almost all visitors to Montessori House of Little Capers (MHOLC) are amazed by the completeness of its setup: full sets of Montessori Apparatuses - many could only be seen on pictures before - are found in each classroom, being used day in day out, by teachers and students as an integral part of the learning activities.

Feedback from the visitors was that, in many places the apparatus are mainly for display – just to gain/maintain the title of a “Montessori School.” Reasons for not using? Let’s see some common ones:
- Without the know-how to use them
- The apparatuses are costly
- No time to use

To us, none of the above makes sense. Without making full use of the Apparatus as learning aid, no school should be termed “Montessori School”! Simple as that.

Fortunately many of the educationists share our views. While complaining the owner of their school for not investing into the implementation of “true” Montessori Method, our Principal friends were asking if we could help upgrading their teachers in this area.

We are glad to do that, for the sake of promoting quality Montessori learning environment. The first workshop was thus organized, on 21-Dec-2009 at one of the 4-years old classroom of MHOLC. From 9am to 5pm, the 11 kindergarten teachers attended the workshop were introduced to various Apparatuses for the Early Development Group. From the purpose to the way of presentation of each Apparatus, the attendees have gained an eye-opening, first hand experience of the amazing learning tools.


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