Saturday, May 14, 2011

Close Encounter with Wildlife

Here we come again, Zoo Negara!

Date: 22-Apr-2011
Crowd: 120 students, 15 teachers

“My child really got wild upon arriving at the Zoo. And you are bringing 120 of them there..?!” We have been answering this question over and over again since the day the trip was announced.

Well, seeing is believing. Some curious parents did come along driving. “Amazing” was the common feeling, after they witnessed how kids behaved and disciplined themselves in group, and enjoying.

The day was sunny but pleasant, thanks to the rain the night before which cleared the humidity. We hop up the tram which brought us to visit our favorite animals including the giraffe, the elephant, the pelican and the tiger in a most relaxing manner.

Probably the most enjoyable part was the Multiple Animal Show. The Seal was so smart that she can play all kinds of tricks, while the money-hungry Cockatoo will fly onto your arm if you hold out a RM10 note! Penguins as well as giant fishes were just next to the Showground, which we visited after lunch.

Before heading back to the school, we stopped by the Children’s World where cute little animals were within the children’s reach: rabbit, pony, goat, tortoise, and a few others. For kids who have never ever touched an animal before, the experience was simply magical!


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